The Real Rosewood Foundation, Incorporated is committed to education and the safeguarding of historical accounts of the 1923 Rosewood Massacre. As such, it is our goal to build a museum in Archer, Florida to honor the memory of the Rosewood survivors and descendants.

Museum Planting Initiative

In 2020, the Foundation established a Museum Development Committee to advance our vision and goal of establishing a museum in Archer, Florida. We are eager to partner with volunteers, local businesses, individual donors, and corporate sponsors in planting and growing the MGBCCM.

Rosewood Soil Project

You are invited to join us as a Museum Founder through a charitable contribution of $19.23 to the Real Rosewood Foundation. As a thank you for your donation, you will have the opportunity to adopt a jar of soil collected from Rosewood. When we break ground on the museum, you will be invited to participate in a special dedication ceremony, wherein, we will scatter the Rosewood soil along the building foundation. The ceremony will represent the survivors’ journey from Rosewood to safety and establish an intrinsic connection between the ancestral land and the museum site. To participate, contact us at