Founder & President of the Real Rosewood Foundation, Inc.
2nd generation Rosewood historian

Lizzie Polly Robinson Brown Jenkins was born October 25, 1938, in Archer, Florida. She grew up on a farm with her parents, Ura McIntyre Robinson and Theresa Brown Robinson, who were skilled farmers. The youngest of five children reared in a nurturing home, she was expected to excel, to remember her strong upbringing, and to live a meaningful, purpose-driven life. Lizzie was educated at Archer Negro High School and graduated from Lincoln High School in 1957. She received a BS Degree in Education from Florida Memorial University and a Master’s degree from Nova University.

An Educator
Like her aunt Mahulda (the Rosewood school teacher from 1915 1923), Jenkins went on to teach in the Alachua County Public School System for 33 years. She retired at age 55 to assist with her mother’s declining health and to dedicate her life to preserving the history of Rosewood, Florida.

A Researcher
Jenkins has amassed nearly 30 years of Rosewood research, striving to authenticate, document, and position a legacy for a new generation.

HISTORIANS: A Storyteller and Presenter
Jenkins, a treasured storyteller, is often lauded for her storytelling style based on facts without prejudice. Jenkins has authored and published books on the histories of Rosewood, Alachua County, and Archer, Florida. She continuously shares her research and story through public lectures at colleges and universities, K 12 schools, churches, and community organizations, both locally and statewide.